Molly has taught classes for young people aged 2- 18 in Musical Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Tap and various other styles for the past 8 years in the National Performing Arts School – NPAS Dublin. She has taught in a variety of Primary & Secondary schools in South Dublin including St Kevins NS, HollyPark NS, and the Harold School NS.
Molly has choreographed young people for stage and screen across many schools and organizations including, Citymoves, Stagecoach, NewPark Comprehensive School , An EU dance project “Take a Chance, Let’s Dance!” representing Ireland travelling to Venice and Istanbul and Marin Theatre Company San Francisco. Molly has also worked with the Irish Fair Door Company, and has years of experience working as a free-lance teacher hosting dance birthday parties for children.


Molly has been a wonderfully competent, empathic and enthusiastic assistant whom I could trust my practice with full heart. Her sharp mind as well as her profound curiosity with my work nourished our common process and supported my trust in her to facilitate a fruitful collaboration.
Elisabeth Schilling


“My daughters are 2 of the luckiest children to have had the pleasure of being educated in the Performing arts by such a truly wonderful talented and passionate teacher. Molly Mc Alister has a natural gift with it comes to dance. My kids would skip into her class with delighted. Their smile was infectious when they would see Molly. Her smile in return would brighten her studio. She is patient, kind and loving. She has a wonderful fan club in NPAS. All of her students from tots to teens adore her.”

Parent, NPAS

 “Molly has been a wonderful teacher to my daughters Alice Kate and Abigail. They have learned as Alex Guinnss put it ‘One does not have to force one’s voice, beetle one’s brows or clinch one’s fist to dominate an audience’.”

Catherine O’Flaherty