News 2021

Wicklow Screendance Lab 2021

I am delighted to have two of my screendance films being screened as part of the Wicklow Screendance Laboratory 2021!

Such an exciting festival full of workshops, screenings, artists panels and discussions! Not to be missed!!


‘cared for and dreamt with…’ (2020) will be be screened as it’s Irish preimer on Tuesday the 30th of March from 7pm – 9pm.


How It Moves’ (2019) will be shown on Saturday the 3rd of April from 6pm – 8pm.


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Film by Molly Mc Alister Rachel Fraser Iliana Parousi Fraser MacRae Emma Dongworth

Sound Design: Conal Mooney

Composition: Arthur Greene, Eoin Malin  & Beatriz Matt

✨ Splitting at the Seems: The Story of Seemingly Theatre ✨!

‘Splitting at the Seems’ was originally started as a live piece of dance theatre that used multimedia to explore dreams and realities, but after Covid-19 restrictions we went back to the drawing board. And so our film was born, finding a light-hearted way that we could take what we had already made, use and twist it into a new story – while having some fun!

A challenging year to make a piece of work, all from a distance! But was so much fun to make, to find a light-hearted way to overcome at Covid challenges! Playing a heightened and different version of myself was super fun! Very lucky to have worked with some brilliant people (now great friends!) to bring this to life. And to get to collaborate with music maker friends, some old some new!

The film is presented as part of ReDraft Festival by BA Dance and Drama at Performing Arts Studio Scotland and Edinburgh College. Alongside 6 other films all week.


Placement with CityMoves

In February 2021 I had the pleasure of being on placement as a Trainee Dance Artist, with CityMoves Dance Agency Aberdeen. Being an assistant to international choreographer Elisabeth Schilling in the creation of a dance film of her project Invisible Dances: Art in & around Lockdown with Fusion Youth Dance Company!

This film will be the Scottish premier of Invisible Dances.

Find out more about the project here:

Molly has been a wonderfully competent, empathic and enthusiastic assistant whom I could trust my practice with full heart. Her sharp mind as well as her profound curiosity with my work nourished our common process and supported my trust in her to facilitate a fruitful collaboration.

Elisabeth Schilling